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About us

“About Saregamma”


Saregamma music institute wellknown for its highest quality education. The Saregamma Music aspire to be the lead of providing a music education of the highest caliber, helping students take the initial steps or take their career in music to higher levels in the industry. Syllabus made by experts having 37 yrs of experience in music.

Here students seeking a career in music will learn western and Indian instruments, production, composition, studio & live sound through full and part-time courses.

Saregamma has some of the world’s leading professional tutors, state-of-the-art facilities, current experience and the industry connections to be able to succeed in this space. Thousands of students trained since 1993.

At Saregamma, we will show you how your love for music can become the career of your dreams. Whether it’s your dream to become a singer, musician, band member,  songwriter, or any other occupation associated with music, we can help you achieve that dream.
Let the Saregamma Music be your springboard to a successful career in music.