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Very Very Satisfied

This Institute is different from any other institute in Pune. They charge reasonable fees, prepare us for a stage performance with perfection, provide practical knowledge.They not only train us with perfection but do free video recording of our performance & upload them to youtube which is very rare. Students doing well in the music is always referred to well known TV CHANNELS for BIG OPPORTUNITY. Upon all these the teacher is very friendly & polite. He teaches us in a easy way which is understood by students. I feel proud to be a student of JP`S MUSIC SCHOOL.

Archana Patil ★★★★★

Thank You Sir !

Jagannath Pore Sir is some how different than others and he tries to remove the deficiency first so that the student will feel more confident.One more basic difference which I felt is that he is more concerned on the coordination in the group rather than individual performance which gives a feeling that solo performance is not possible and while performing many people are performing with different instruments.His versatile talent on different instruments is remarkable and he himself join the performance with suitable instrument to make the performance good.I can only say that I am in good hands and improving my skills on piano to reach good height.

Mrudul Nair ★★★★


Best Training Received

I started taking my guitar class from sir about 3 months ago. From the very first day, I felt the environment so friendly and enjoyable that made me realize that learning guitar is not very tough. Not only did Sir correct my bad habits (fingertip position, picking style etc), but I also learned chord building, strumming pattern playing and understanding different styles etc in just few months. Sir, apart from teaching how to play the instrument, he also takes special interest in teaching the basic of music which many teachers usually don`t take into consideration while taking lessons. His approach during our lessons – relaxed, patient, flexible, and encouragement continues to propel me forward to learn and grow as a guitar player. With each session I leave the class with a sense of accomplishment. I would suggest all the people who are having the passion to learn guitar to take lessons from Sir because the fees that he charges is very much reasonable and he takes personal interest in teaching students.

Priyamvada Singh ★★★★★