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Indian Classical Stage Shows

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Indian Ghazals

Ghazal when sung in the proper mizaaj (mood) is said to inspire even the most hard hearted person to get moved with it. Ghazal as a song, is mostly sung in a soothing and melancholic style. One thing to note is that ghazal is no way related to the traditional Hindustani classical music. The singers who sang it initially used the format of traditional raag’s and khayal components of the classical music. There is no “rule” that states that ghazals need to be sung in one style or another.




Bhajans are devotional songs that typically praise God, recite an anecdote, or preach the teachings of saints. Another related word is kirtan, which typically refers to musical chanting of mantras mostly from the Vedas. Devotional songs in Sikhism are also called kirtans.