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Magnet Therapy


Healing is not new. For centuries, healers have attempted to use permanent magnets in healing a variety of health problems that could not be helped by the medical therapies of the day. Magnets, as healing tools, have suddenly become a topic of great interest, as evidenced by the increasing number of books on magnetic healing, magnetic products, and television news stories focusing attention upon magnets as a form alternative healing therapy.

Magnetic therapy possesses an ancient heritage and has occupied a central role in Chinese medicine for over 2000 years. Magnetic therapy is mentioned in some of the earliest writings on Egypt, India and Greece. Magnetic therapy utilizes the natural energy of magnetism that is important to human existence and over all health. A magnetic field provides a natural way to assist the body’s normal healing processes as it passes through all tissues and cells. Studies show that magnets can be an effective therapy for the relief of pain by blocking pain sensations. Applying magnetic fields to an injured area improves blood flow and oxygen to enhance the body’s natural healing process. The improved blood flow and fluid exchange to the injured tissue helps reduce pain and inflammation.

Main Benefits Seen of Magnetic Therapy Are:

  • It helps alleviate pain and improve mobility of arthritic joints.
  • Recovery of nerve sensation.
  • It aids recovery of torn ligaments, muscles and tendons.
  • It reduces bruising and swelling.
  • It speeds recovery in sports injuries.
  • Greater resistance to infection.
  • It improves circulation/body and extremity warming.
  • It helps removal of waste products from the blood, i.e. lactic acids, calcium, cholesterol
    And fat deposits.
  • It increases energy and strength.
  • It speeds healing, i.e. bone fractures.
  • It helps recovery or can prevent onset of R.S.I. (Repetitive Stress Injury)/Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
  • It alleviates migraine and headaches.
  • It improves overall health.