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Music Composition Training

Music composition training

Music composers create and arrange the musical scores that musicians play. Saregamma offer composition and other music courses as part of undergraduate and graduate degree programs for students studying music or another subject.

Individuals desiring to work as music composers may not need to complete a formal postsecondary educational program, especially if they plan to compose popular music. However, someone interested in composing classical music may need a related degree. Schools usually require that students have musical experience and submit an audition in the form of sample music scores as part of the admissions process.

Here are some common concepts taught in music composition courses:

  • Music theory and analysis
  • Music performance
  • Ear training
  • Orchestration and arranging
  • Music history

Composition degree programs often include activities that give students experience composing music and giving performances. For example, students usually learn to play an instrument or sing, and they often do recitals and other performances throughout the program. Composition seminars and one-on-one lessons with an experienced composer may also be included. It is common for students to complete a comprehensive portfolio of the scores they have composed during the program.