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Indian Classical Vocal Music

Indian Classical music

Music has various facades. Its divinity and effectiveness is like a boon. Some may even say that it works as protein for our soul. It encourages our spirit. Its astonishing effect and melodies leave a great influence. We can see the presence of music everywhere. We can experience whistles in wind. We can sense it in rain-drops. We can be mesmerized by the music of sea tides. Rustling of leaves create a heaven-like atmosphere. Thus, music plays an important role to take away the boredom of our day-today life.

Concept of Swar and Saptak in Indian Classical Music

Indian Classical Music has seven swaras, with their identities as below:- Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, Ni. (सा, रे, ग, म, प, ध, नी) These seven swaras are further sub-divided as ‘Teevra’ and ‘Komal’. Sa and Pa are ‘Achal Swaras’, which means that they can’t be sub-divided into Teevra and Komal swaras. Thus, there are 12 swaras that include Shuddha, Teevra and Komal swaras.