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Lite Vocal Music

Lite Music

In term “Light Music” has been used in Europe for many years, although American audiences may have referred to the same music variously as “Mood Music”, “Beautiful Music”, or “Pop Instrumental”.

Characteristics of the Light Music

  • A strong melody–whether “catchy” in its simplicity, or otherwise “memorable” in nature
  • An interesting musical setting–a unique counter-melody, interesting chord progression, etc.
    performance by an orchestra or small ensemble–rarely are vocals used
  • A programmatic association such as a mood, place, or era may appear in the title and music
  • A form for the arrangement which has a sense of direction–a beginning, middle, & end; and a sense of balance and contrast–solos balance tutti sectios, etc.

But the common denominator of the light music style is talent: trained musicians performing in ensembles large and small. Talented composers and arrangers who took influences from the whole world of music which had occurred before them, and made it into a palatable form for wide appeal. The popularity of the form between 1935-1965 shows that it was serving a need for less “highbrow” music, and yet serving a responding public who had a taste for things of quality.

 Lite Music Includes

Film Hindi Karaoke