Vocal Music Courses in Pune

Saregamma provides best Vocal Music classes, Singing Course in Pune.

Swargyan 2

Techniques of mastering shudha & Vikrut swars. This is very very important for hindustani classical & lite vocal students to get mastery over swars

Duration : As per students grasping level

Raag gyan

Learning different raags in indian music & things like alap, taan, chota khayal, bada khayal . Useful for students learning indian classical.

Duration : As per students grasping level

Professional singing techniques

Voice throw, voice modulation, pronounciation, pitch selection, facial expression , breathing techniques, voice range etc.
Useful for students learning indian classical as well as lite music.

Vocal lite : Learning to sing

  • Bhajan (bhaktigeet)
  • Ghazal
  • Bhavgeet
  • Punjabi shabad
  • Film songs
  • Karaoke singing


Performer always gets more attention than a singer because of the liveliness . A performer is good in sur, taal & other musical skills but also having additional skills like acting, dancing, playing Guitar, keyboard or other instruments while singing & communicating with the audience & involving them in his song.

Vocal classical

  • Concentration
  • Memory
  • Swar gyan 1
  • swar gyan2
  • Raag gyan
  • Professional singing techniques
  • Notation reading
  • Notation writing
  • Vocal lite
  • Taal gyan (indian classical & lite music taal

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